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 Dem Rules.

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PostSubject: Dem Rules.   Thu Jun 07, 2012 7:34 pm

More what is expected of you than actual rules, but here they are:

1. If you can be on your xbox during an Operation, than you should be playing that operation.
a. If we see anyone playing Minecraft during an Operation, your balls will be torn off by trained monkeys.

2. Be social - if someone's inviting you to a party or a game, join up with them - they're most likely a clanmate, whether you recognize their tag or not.

3. If you have an issue, always go to Barry first about it.

4. You don't have to OBEY your superior (superiors being Barry or one of the deputies), but there is a reason they're your superior, and it's probably because they know what they're doing. Try to listen to them.

5. Check the forum reasonably often. All clan updates will be through here, and we like to know who can actually participate in a given Operation. Always RSVP.

6. No boosting, cheating, or colluding. If you're good, than you're good, and we don't care about your K/D. If you're shitty and need a higher K/D to dignify your existence, we probably don't want you anyways.

7. Raging happens sometimes (GermanRage, much?), but don't be too much of a dick. Especially not to your clanmates.

Now go check out the members section, you can catch up on the existing members and maybe post a little something
about yourself and say hello.
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Dem Rules.
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