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PostSubject: SATURDAY JUNE 2ND - DOMINATION 2PM (EST)   Mon May 28, 2012 8:41 am

This IS our strong suit. Waldo got abandoned for squad 2 so it was essentially a first 6 on fill up squad 1 and we were the top 6 in the leaderboard. If we had 2 squads running the entire op we could breah top 25.
Somehow in these ops the first 3 teams had over 2000 captures... It doesn't make sense considering 30th-120th had about 1000 captures, us included. I've done the solo version of this event 3 times, always finished top 20. From doing the solo version of this operation the most I ever saw legitimately earned was 265, if 6 really good guys got got that still only 1590. Every person I ever saw get 300 captures was disqualified for boosting/cheating so I hope they'll do the same to the top few clans.
That being said, I will be contacting support, to make sure they are verifying, feel free to do the same. I don't understand how there can be a 1000 capture difference between 1st and 21st place.
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